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Welcome to Universal Diamonds, where we make the experience upfront and easy by combining our expertise with your vision to create a memory that will last a lifetime.  We walk through things with you, so you know you are only getting the best.  The process is not only enjoyable, but you will be surprised at how easy it will be.  Sophistication, elegance, timelessness – that’s what we do!

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The Agami family has brought a professional and exclusive feel to buying jewelry.

David Weldon

Team was very helpful and helped us get the perfect diamond for our engagement.

Lambodhar Damodaran

My fiancé purchased my engagement ring through Universal. They helped him pick out the perfect ring within his budget.

Kelly Hamm

Amos and his sons are first class professionals.

Sean Rasmus

Every diamond tells a story

Hand selected

Each stone has its own story. And only the best workmanship, a discerning eye, and a dedication to quality allows that story to be told. Diamonds are not created equal, that is why the source of the stone is so important. We only buy the best stones to ensure that you have an awe worthy diamond for the memory you are creating.

Attention to detail

Every good story has layers that make it more interesting. Diamonds are no different. The depth of a diamond, the crispness, the clearness, the luster are all elements that make up that stone’s story. That is why we do not stop at the four Cs we pay attention to every detail that makes a diamond unique.

Diamonds for any occasion

In the end everyone wants a stone that is mesmerizing, a stone with a story as unique as the one you are trying to tell. We pride ourselves on only providing those diamonds. The stones that transcend time just like a good story.

For Every Occasion

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