The difference is in the details

At Universal Diamonds we pay attention to every detail when it comes to designing your piece of jewelry. We want what you wear to not only look amazing but feel amazing as well. This is why everything is handmade using the best metals in settings that showcase the stone while ensuring the fit is comfortable, light, and feels luxurious when you wear it.

Introducing the Sophia

See the unyielding attention to beauty, quality, and elegance that make Sophia, the Universal Diamond solitaire, unique.

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Introducing the Vivian

The hallmark of the Vivian is the one row of pavé diamonds that makes a timeless statement.

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Introducing the Rebecca

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The options are limitless and the workmanship unparalleled with Rebecca, the Universal Diamond three stone ring.

Introducing the Jacqueline

Timeless, elegant, and brilliant are what set halo rings apart.  Jacqueline brings all that and more.

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The Universal Collection Pieces

Every collection needs brilliant pieces that can stand on their own or dazzle when paired together.

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